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by Allen Moore, CEO on February 21, 2012

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“When my wife bought me a Remington shaver, I was so impressed I bought the company.”

In his 1980′s TV commercials, Victor Kiam (president of Remington Products) made a point: some products we just can’t live without.

At TouchStone 3D, we use Geomagic products everyday. For 7 years we’ve relied on Alibre (now Geomagic) CAD software for every design project that comes in to our shop. Powerful, great results, and fast!

I do wish we could have bought the company (Geomagic), but we didn’t. So we did the next best thing: we became a reseller. We think Geomagic Design is the best value CAD software on the market. Here’s why …

“What did you use?”
Years ago we had a client come to us with a 3D printing project. It was a beautiful model of a basilica in New Jersey. The detail he had in it was amazing! Even more amazing – the client was a software engineer. He had no formal training and no experience using 3D CAD modeling software. This was his first project and it was beautiful. His final 3D print was a work of art!

“What did you use?” we asked. “Alibre” he answered. Until then we had been a TurboCAD Pro shop, and we happened to be evaluating SolidWorks and Pro-Engineer at the time. We downloaded the free 30 day trial version and made our purchase decision that day!

Since then we only use Geomagic Design. We haven’t found another 3D CAD software tool that compares and have never hit a dead-end design roadblock. We depend on it every day.

Meet Geomagic Design
Geomagic has versions for both professionals and hobbyists. For the professional designer, Geomagic Design Expert does more than just 3D model creation: the license includes surfacing tools, sheet metal modeling, 2D documentation creation, design configurations, photorealistic rendering, motion analysis, the ability to import and export most CAD formats (including Solidworks), and even CAM tool path generation.

Lamp sketch
Lamp 3D model
Lamp 2D drawings
Lamp rendering

Are you venturing out on your own as a new entrepreneur, a recent engineering grad, or just a hobbyist? Have a simple project or two in mind? Geomagic Design Personal gives you the power to tackle advanced 3D designs and generate 2D drawings in a snap. But you want to make what you designed? No problem. Design Personal outputs 3D STL files – the most commonly accepted format for every type of production from CNC machining to laser cutting and etching.

High Power, Low Price
We’re frugal. Yes, we continually invest in new design and prototyping tools for the shop. But we also require a solid value before we make an investment. For us, value means a tool has both the power to keep us cranking out work for clients AND is a reasonable cost.

Geomagic Design is incredibly affordable. Power aside, you will spend less to acquire a full seat of Geomagic Design than you would spend on just the annual maintenance for other 3D CAD packages. Serious!

Designing Robots

A client competing for Google’s Lunar X Prize came to us. They asked if we could model a concept moon crawler powered by one of our RoboTrax track systems. Not a problem with Geomagic Design.

RoboTrax in Alibre
Moon crawler concept – 3D model
Moon crawler concept – rendering
We already had our RoboTrax system modeled in Alibre. We simply created a quick 3D model of their concept rover and attached our tracks. Then, using KeyShot we created a photorealistic rendering … on the moon! Fast and simple: 1,2, 3. We use Keyshot on many projects for clients – and ourselves! Nothing beats looking at a photo to see if your project is on-track (pun intended).

An Offer You Can’t Refuse
Come to our shop and we’ll give you a full demonstration of what Geomagic Design can do. And why – you’re asking – buy Geomagic Design from us? Two reasons. First, we have no problem saying we’re the most knowledgable Geomagic Design reseller in the Southeast US. We have years of experience, custom design services, training, hourly consulting, and quality support.


Sign up – get a free 30 day trial of Geomagic Design and 3D print

Just click the coupon above for an offer you CAN’T refuse!

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