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Learn about the Birth of an Idea

The Birth of an Idea

We’ve all had that moment. The one where you see a problem and say “If I just had this product.” But you aren’t like most people, and you’ve come up with an idea to fix it. Maybe you’ve drawn out a solution and put something together in your garage. And you’ve asked yourself, “Well if I wanted this, wouldn’t other people?”


Figuring out if people want your idea is the first step towards entrepreneurship and product development. You might be hesitant to show your idea around, but it’s important to show it to family and friends. They’ll help you decide if this is a venture worth pursuing, even if its just the first few steps. Be sure not share your idea with strangers without a NDA or display it in public too early.


You’ve decided to move forward and commercialize your idea, so what comes next? You’ll need to form a business, develop a business plan, and go through the product development process. We’ll cover our take on the product development process throughout our blog series, outlining steps and sharing some of the best practices and pitfalls we’ve seen as working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and corporations.

The 3D Way

We break our development process down into three major phases: Design, Develop, and Deploy. Each one consists of several smaller objectives, all working toward one major goal for the phase.



The goal of the Design phase is to fully understand what product we should be making, and equip our clients with the tools needed to raise funding for that product. We cover steps like concept design, CAD modeling, proof of concept prototyping, and manufacturing assessment.



Now that funding has been acquired, we rapidly iterate on the product design to get it ready for production. Our goal for the Develop phase is to prepare the product for mass production. We're no longer asking what should we make, but how well does it meet it's requirements? We go through rounds of detail design and produce high quality, engineering grade prototypes.



Our goal for the Deploy phase is to produce the first consumer ready production run. We produce the documentation needed for production and conduct the hand-off between design and manufacturing to ensure that all requirements are still being met.

Moving Forward

Over the next few months, we'll be posting more and more about the development process to help you navigate this venture. Of course, we're always available to help, and if you'd like to schedule a consult for your product, click here to set up a consultation.


In our next article, we’ll cover different types of businesses that might work for you so that you can get up and running with your development.


And if there's specific content you want us to cover, leave a comment below!

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