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Posts by Cameron McPherson

Line Defender

FL Lockout’s Line Defender is the next must-have product for any boat enthusiast. If you’re tired of fishing line causing damage to your motor’s seals, loss of power, overheating, drain on your battery life, and worn out bearings, then the Line Defender is for you.   The Line Defender comes in two easy to install…

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Revibe Connect

Rich Brancaccio came to Touchstone 3D in the fall of 2014 with a vision for the world’s first focus tracker. Touchstone 3D collaborated on the project, following our product development process, to bring Revibe Classic into the world. With product in hand, Rich was able to grow his business, expand his team, and ultimately create…

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MyDelena Travel Jewelry Case

The MyDelena jewelry traveling case keeps everything in place, doesn’t open on accident, and actually protects your things! All of that, plus it’s cute, compact and tough as nails. We’re not sure why something like this didn’t already exist, but we’re happy to say it’s here now. The MyDelena jewelry travel cubby compartment has small cubbies inside to keep…

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