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3D Printing or RTV Casting?

3D printing has never been more accessible to product developers than it is today with the onset of high quality consumer grade printers and affordable printing services. While 3D printing is a powerful tool for product development, it should not be considered the only prototyping option. Often overlooked is RTV urethane and silicone casting, and…

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POMAlarm available for Pre-Order!

The POMAlarm is now available for pre-order with expected product for shipment spring 2018. This smart home device helps people monitor access to restricted items. The inconspicuous detector can be hung from a liquor bottle, attached to a medicine cabinet, or placed on a jewelry box. Whenever the detector is moved, the user is notified…

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The Utty is here!

The Utty is the save all for smelly, sweaty gear on the go. The simple design can hang just about anywhere and support the bulkiest of gear. It is ideal for sports like hockey and lacrosse and perfect for camping outdoors! Mark Uttridge, the founder of The Ridge Companies, Inc, came to Touchstone 3D with…

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