Bring your Product to Life with In-Scene Photorendering

Photo-realistic rendering is a great tool when you need to refine and visualize your CAD designs in a life-like way. It allows you to manipulate colors, materials, textures, and lighting to produce stunning product images.

TCC Render Scene-PA1179

Give it Context

But seeing your product on a blank background might not always be enough when you’re ready to start marketing your idea. When you want to make your product feel more real to your audience and give it a little more visual context, consider creating a composite “In-Scene Photorender”.

Pacekeeper on Cart 2 - Rendering

Benefits of In-Scene Photorendering

In-scene photorendering is a great way to help your audience imagine your product in the world well before you approach manufacturing or high end prototyping. A good industrial designer will help you identify what type of still image would work best for your application, and then composite the two assets together to provide you with life-like representation.


How to Get Help

If you're ready to bring your product into the world, reach out to us to learn how we can help.