MyDelena Travel Jewelry Case

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The MyDelena jewelry traveling case keeps everything in place, doesn’t open on accident, and actually protects your things! All of that, plus it’s cute, compact and tough as nails. We’re not sure why something like this didn’t already exist, but we’re happy to say it’s here now.

The MyDelena jewelry travel cubby compartment has small cubbies inside to keep rings, earrings and other smaller pieces separate and in place, while the circular rings can be used for delicate necklaces and more. The compression lid built with firm foam makes sure your pieces stay safe and untangled.  The cushioned tray has a soft surface to place larger pieces such as watches and statement pieces, secured by strips of Velcro – all, so that your jewelry can stay in place during travel!

Donna Crowder, the entrepreneur of MyDelena, started her journey looking for a jewelry case that she could pack her statement necklaces and various jewelry pieces for business travel in. Not finding one and realizing the market opportunity she sought help which brought her to Touchstone 3D. We did extensive design development and manufacturing feasibility to get the product into production.


Check out Donna’s Kickstarter page by clicking the link below.

MyDelena Kickstarter

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