Revibe Connect

Rich Brancaccio came to Touchstone 3D in the fall of 2014 with a vision for the world’s first focus tracker. Touchstone 3D collaborated on the project, following our product development process, to bring Revibe Classic into the world. With product in hand, Rich was able to grow his business, expand his team, and ultimately create the Revibe Technologies that you know today.

Design for Manufacturing Wristband

Seeing the success of the original product, the Revibe Technologies team set out to refine their product. Added features such as wireless communication, machine learning and teacher/student interaction led to the perfect name: Revibe Connect. Touchstone 3D worked with Revibe to create the product concept, develop the design using computer-aided modeling and rapid prototyping, and transition the product into mass manufacturing.

Revibe focus Tracking for Students

Revibe Technologies' mission is to leverage technology to empower people with additional opportunities in education and work. They do this by providing safe, alternative options to those struggling with focus, concentration, and on-task behavior. By supporting their customers’ needs for independence, their hope is to instill confidence, improve self-esteem, and ultimately improve lives.

Revibe Connect Wearable Watch in Schoolroom

Click the link below to learn more about Revibe Technologies page and how they're changing the way we focus.

Revibe Technologies

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