The Utty is here!

The Utty is storage equipment for your hockey gear

The Utty is the save all for smelly, sweaty gear on the go. The simple design can hang just about anywhere and support the bulkiest of gear. It is ideal for sports like hockey and lacrosse and perfect for camping outdoors!

Mark Uttridge, the founder of The Ridge Companies, Inc, came to Touchstone 3D with a proof of concept prototype. We worked with him to turn that design into two simple injection moldable parts that could withstand the weight and loads required by the various equipment. We spent significant time dialing in the tightness of the CAM action on the cord to give you maximum reliability in the smallest size.

Mark has recently launched The Utty into production and you can purchase and learn more about the product at his website here:

The Utty is a portable storage sports gear hanger

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