Product Development Contributors

Product Development Contributors

There are many different people that may be involved in your product development effort. Each one has a specific role and will make their own individual contributions. We’ve summarized some of the main roles here to give you an idea of who to look for.

Project Managers

Project managers help define product requirements, create development schedules, and coordinate different contributors to work together. A good project manager will help you manage your expenses, timeline, and assess risk throughout your project.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers help you understand your target market and conceptualize how the product should look, work, and be manufactured to fulfill the needs of that target market.

UI/UX Designers

User Interface or User Experience designers are closely related to industrial designers but often specialize more in digital products than physical products.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers create complex mechanisms and define part assemblies. Many engineers have a general skill set but it is common to specialize in specific fields such as fluidics, structural design, or optimization for mass production.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is broad field which could include circuit & system design, hardware design, and firmware design. These are specialized fields that will require some screening when selecting your partners.

Software Engineers

Software engineers create software applications to support the product hardware. They may specialize in developing the back end and networks or the front end application that people use.

Professional Engineer

A professional engineer is someone specialized and licensed in the field. They typically oversee, inspect, and approve engineering efforts where public safety is a concern.

Prototyping Technicians

Prototyping technicians specialize in different fabrication techniques useful in building one or more prototypes at rapid speed.

Mass Manufacturers

Mass manufacturers specialize in different fabrication techniques useful in producing thousands of production grade parts affordably.